FIFA Updates Football Rules with Special Addition Due to Pandemic


On Monday, FIFA proposed the introduction of a temporary measure allowing teams more flexibility in terms of substitution. Teams will now be allowed up to five substitutions per game instead of the previous three substitutions.

“Each team will be allowed to make five substitutions in the match, with the possibility of one more substitution in the event of extra play,” FIFA said in a statement. FIFA adds that the changes should be made at three intervals plus half time.

The measure would be applicable from this season onward and would continue into the next season, and would apply to all international matches played by December 31 next year.

The national championships will try to finish within the deadline, which means that after a long time, players would play without training or with only individual training. In this scenario, football players would return to the lawns and play at a rhythm of three or four games a week.

The leading football organization thinks the idea would help teams get through the tight schedule that awaits them as the national leagues continue.



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