FIFA Looking into the Transfer of Bruno Fernandes at the Request of Sampdoria


According to ESPN, FIFA is investigating the transfer of Portuguese midfielder Bruno Fernandes from Sporting Lisbon to Manchester United. The request to begin investigative proceedings was sent by the management of Sampdoria.

Sampdoria was a club of which Fernandes was a member before he went to Sporting. Samdoria sold Fernandes to Sporting for £ 7.5m after just one season spent on Luigi Fereris. Furthermore, in January, the Portuguese went to Manchester for a £ 47m transfer, which can be increased by an additional £ 20m.

Specifically, the Italian first-rounder club is demanding an investigation as they, according to their interpretation of the ordinance, are entitled to 10% percent of the transfer Fernandes made when he signed for the Red Devils.


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