Fabio Capello Disgusted by How Milan Is Treating Boban and Maldini


Fabio Capello is ‘sickened’ by Zvonimir Boban and Paolo Maldini’s treatment of Milan and ‘doesn’t like’ Giorgio Chiellini writing an autobiography.

In an interview with Corriere dello Sport, Capello spilled the beans on how he felt about Milan right now:

“The way they treat Boban and Maldini makes me feel almost sick. They have shown as directors the sincerity that they have as players. I was going to do what Boban did, and not wear a jersey. Dignity comes before all else.”

The former Roma boss was also asked about Chiellini’s new autobiography, which has caused a stir already. He doesn’t understand Chiellini’s motive for writing it, saying he himself would never do so:

“I have been asked many times to write a book. I was offered considerable sums. I just don’t like reading some things. For me, play, not talk about football.”

However, Capello actually began his interview by maintaining that Juventus won the Scudetti ‘on the pitch’ in 2005 and 2006 after they were stripped due to the Calciopoli scandal.

“”here were great directors [Luciano] Moggi and [Antonio] Giraudo, we won [the two Scudetti] on the pitch,” he told the paper. “Calciopoli took away our Scudetti and gave them to others.”

In the 1990s, Boban and Maldini played under the 73-year-old for Milan and last summer were appointed club chiefs.

However, the Croat left feeling undermined by the pursuit of Ralf Rangnick by Elliott Management in March and appears to be being followed by his ex-teammate from San Siro.


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