Eurosport Voting Crowns Matt Le Tissier As the Best Player in Premiership History


Eurosport conducted the voting for the best player in the history of the Premiership, and the surprising winner is Matt Le Tissier. This win sounds even crazier given the fact that the football icon was almost not even a part of the list of the 32 proposed players.

One of the last Mohicans of this beautiful game and the man they called Le God in his Southampton, the romantic football icon of the 1990s defeated Thierry Henry in the final bout of online voting.

Voting ended Sunday at 1:30 p.m., and there were 21,042 votes for Le Tissier. An incredible 60 percent of voters voted for him.

Le Tissier’s path to victory is magnificent. It is also surprising, seeing that Cristiano Ronaldo, arguably the most popular player, was eliminated in the first round of voting itself. The second round eliminated Rio Ferdinand, the quarterfinals eliminated Steven Gerrard, and the semifinals eliminated Alan Shearer. In the final round of voting, Thierry Henry was bumped off for Le Tissier to be declared the all-time best player.


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