Eto’o: I Wanted to Be Number One and I’ve Been in My Career


Samuel Eto’o reiterated his conviction that he is the best African footballer of all time, as well as taking a jab at El-Hadji Diouf and Didier Drogba’s former fellow forward.

Ex-Cameroon international Eto’o has rejected the arguments of both, claiming that his intense ambition to be the greatest fired him to a brilliant career:

“None of them Diouf and Drogba will come to tell they’re at or stronger than me. Because it’s not that I’m saying that, it’s a reality, it’s something there. I wanted to be number one and I’ve been in my career.”

If the focus is on the awards won during their careers, there are few players in the world-let alone Africa-who can touch on the success Eto’o experienced during his days of playing.

Former Liverpool forward recently said he was the greatest striker ever to come out of the world, as discussions over the greatest African players of all time appeared to mention former Chelsea and star Drogba on the Ivory Coast.

“Even if my brother Diouf the last time, with an extra glass, got a little lost, there is no debate.” said Eto’o, referring to the Diouf photo where the former international Senegal appeared a little drunk.


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