Erkin Reveals How His Career Was Ruined under Former Coach Frank de Boer


Ex Inter player Caner Erkin criticized former coach Frank de Boer for being ‘totally arrogant and changing his career with his attitude’.

Erkin told, “I never understood why De Boer had handled me this way. I had never been in his plans, he set foot in Italy on the very first day. He kept me out of the final pre-season match, and then he didn’t even let me engage in exercises on the training field. I had to practice separately from the majority of the team.”

The left-back joined Inter in July 2016 as a free agent and in August was immediately shipped to Besiktas on loan, never making a single appearance for the club:

“I figured that would be the major career move, I will play daily, earn titles and have the Inter fans appreciation.

“Mancini played me in the pre-season, he had faith in me and when he left, I was very upset. The attention I got from De Boer [instead] was completely arrogant and with his actions he changed my career direction.

“Not only did I want to abandon Inter after Roberto Mancini quit, but Frank de Boer’s behaviour towards me was bad. He cut me out even when I had been recruited from the youth academy as a teenager. This was unreasonable.

“I think he tried to manipulate me with my feelings and frustrated me so I would be walking away. I just can’t explain it.”


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