El Melali Charged and Arrested for Public Masturbation


Attacking midfielder Farid El Melali was arrested on Monday evening after being charged with sexual exhibition in the French city.

The former Paradou AC player, who joined Angers in the summer of 2018, scored three times in four games after recovering from several injuries. The club had just signed a new El Melali contract that would keep him in the club until 2023.

In the courtyard of his block of flats, El Melali was seen masturbating while staring at a woman who lives on the ground floor. This was witnessed by neighbours of the woman who saw El Melali looking through the window into the woman’s apartment.

It was these neighbours that called the police and midfielder was arrested. ESPN sources confirmed it was his second indictment over related incidents.

Local police and Angers Ligue 1 club both reported the arrest of El Melali, but refused to comment.

El Melali’s lawyer Sandra Chirac Kollarik supported her client in the local newspaper Le Courrier de l’Ouest, which first published the incident, stating that her client “was not attacking anyone and was not violent against anyone.”

The accident happened around 10:50 p.m. local time on Monday, reports ESPN.


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