El Clasico Saved from Terrorist Attack by Spanish Police


El Clasico was not played due to a break in football. However, a Moroccan citizen planned a terrorist attack on El Clasico.

The local newspaper El Periodico writes that the Moroccan, allegedly 33 years old (his name will be published only when the trial begins), first planned to invade the field with a knife and make a massacre, and then even considered a drone attack.

We believe that it is a “lone wolf of the Islamic Republic”, writes El Periodico and adds:

“He was arrested on Friday, May 8 and planned to jump on Real Madrid and Barcelona players. Details say he gave up on the original plan and concentrated on fans instead of players. A coronavirus pandemic may have saved the lives of some, because all this failed him because of the football lock. ”

The attacker was arrested in Spain, and the local media there published details of his criminal plan. The media reports that the accused admitted that he had planned the massacre and that he eventually decided on a knife.

Judge Jose Luis Calaman ordered that the suspect be sent to prison until the start of the trial.


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