EFL Reports Two Personnel from a Single Championship Club as Testing Positive for Coronavirus


The EFL recently announced two people, from the same Championship club, as having tested positive for coronavirus.

Over the past 72 hours a total of 1014 players and staff from all 24 Championship clubs have been tested. Now, the results have been declared by the EFL.

The EFL said in a statement: “The EFL can confirm that over the past 72 hours 1014 players and Club staff from all 24 Championship Clubs have been tested for COVID-19, with two individuals testing positive from one club.

“Those players or club staff who tested positive will now be self-isolated in accordance with the EFL guidelines and only those who tested negative will be allowed to enter training ground facilities.

“The EFL will continue to make regular and relevant announcements as appropriate to support the integrity and transparency of competition with respect to the testing programme.

“The League will not provide specific details as to Clubs or individuals.”

This is bad news following bad news. Bournemouth revealed earlier on Sunday that one of their players is among the two positive tests recorded on Premier League players and staff in the latest 996 tests.

A statement by Bournemouth read: “AFC Bournemouth can confirm that after the second round of testing by the club, one of its players has tested positive for Covid-19.”

Although all the positive tests are anonymously announced, Bournemouth has assumed responsibility of revealing that they were one of the two top flight clubs affected by the last tests. They still safeguard the infected player by not revealing his name:

“Medical confidentiality means that the name of the player will not be disclosed, and the club is asking for respect for that.

“In line with the positive testing protocols of the Premier League, he will isolate himself for seven days before being tested again at a later date.

“After strict adherence to the return of the Premier League to the training regulations, the training ground of the club remains a safe working environment for players and backroom staff, who will continue to be tested twice a week for Covid-19.”

The unnamed Bournemouth player, and the other positive tests, will now self-isolate for seven days.

After clubs voted unanimously last Monday to resume limited group training, this week after more than two months away, players up and down the league have returned to their training ground with team-mates.

But players still have concerns, with the likes of Watford captain Troy Deeney and Chelsea midfielder N’Golo Kante staying away over security fears.

After all, six people, including Watford defender Adrian Mariappa and Burnley assistant manager Ian Woan, had been shown to have the virus in the first round of testing.

Meanwhile, EFL chairman Rick Parry estimated the shutdown cost earlier this month but Mark Palios, also a League One Tranmere chairman, believes the sum will continue to grow.

Speaking on Sunday’s ‘Ridge on Sunday’ on Sky News, Former FA chief executive Palios warned: “While you may be looking at the ‘hole’ that was articulated to September as £200 million – I think it’s bigger than that.

“At this point in time, there is a real financial maelstrom coming toward the league.

“I personally believe we haven’t seen the worst of it yet, and you’ll see much more financial stress on the clubs in the course of the summer as we move on and continue to pay salaries.

“I think what you’re going to see is that a lot of clubs are going to stumble down the road to insolvency, you might see people getting high court orders against them, they ‘re going to bumble on for a while.”

Palios thus warned EFL clubs that the financial impact of the coronavirus pandemic could be even greater than the initially feared £200 million blow.

These results (of the second round of testing by the EFL) reflect an almost identical ratio to those reported in the second wave of testing in the Premier League.

Such results will encourage those wishing to see a resumption of next month’s Championship season, with ongoing talks between officials in both the second tier and the League One tier.


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