Dybala of Juventus Still Struggling with Corona Virus


Daniele Rugani and Blaise Matuidi had now passed a negative examination for COVID-19, but Paulo Dybal was not given an all-clear examination.

“Rugani and Matuidi performed, as protocol, the double diagnostic test (swabs) for coronavirus-Covid-19. The tests resulted negative. The players were therefore declared cured on April 15 and are no longer under self-isolation,” stated Juventus as it issued a statement.

A statement was issued outlining the numerous steps the club is taking to comply with the government requirements, including a thorough cleaning of all work surfaces, including the team bus. Players must undergo routine swabs and blood tests to screen for COVID-19 or any possible side-effects.

With these new rules in mind, players went to the Continassa training ground today

Rugani, Matuidi and Dybala were all under self-isolation after successful testing of COVID-19.

Moreover, there have been indications in Argentina that Dybala is still positive for COVID-19, even though it no longer has symptoms. His girlfriend Oriana said they were just waiting for the final test results.



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