Dudek Was So Eager to Quit Liverpool for Cologne That He Considered Punching Rafa


Former goalkeeper of Liverpool Jerzy Dudek has admitted that at the end of his Anfield days he was extremely eager to quit.

“Pepe was a nice man, but in a moment where I felt like I was at the height of my success, Rafa had recruited a new goalkeeper,” Dudek told FourFourTwo. “I said Rafa that the 2006 World Cup was on the horizon and I wanted to play football. Cologne was concerned but a few days before the window was locked, they called and asked, ‘Why doesn’t Rafa even speak to us?’ I was confused- I thought it was all decided.”

He continued, “The following day, after training, I walked up to him. He said, ‘We have offered a loan package, so you’re so valuable to us. They try to give us £800,000, so what if Reina has an injury? I can’t throw £800,000 into a bag to bring it between the goalposts.’”

By then, he was so eager to leave that he considered punching boss Rafa Benitez, just so that Liverpool would have a reason to fire him:

“I had this mad idea then – ‘I guess I’m just going to hit him in the nose’ This evil whisper in my head told me they’d let me go to Cologne if I hit Rafa.’”



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