Douglas Costa Reveals What Pisses Maurizio Sarri Off the Most about the Juventus Team


Douglas Costa reveals the aspect that most frustrates Maurizio Sarri about Juventus players and he does so with the vibrant language of the tactician.

The Brazilian was speaking on an Instagram Live chat with Ferrari F1 driver Charles Leclerc when he admitted to a training ground scene that is clearly very common in Turin.

Sarri is famous for being a stickler with repetitive movements and effective tactical preparation, which is also what Gianfranco Zola said has led some Chelsea players to become “bored” of his sessions.

“Sarri always says, come on guys, don’t just **** about when you’re pressing, why do you always do that? Don’t go willy-nilly,” repeated Douglas Costa, also imitating Sarri’s animated departure from polite conversation. “Don’t **** about, don’t **** about!”


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