Diego Costa to Pay Additional Fine That Saves Him from Going to Jail


Atletico Madrid forward Diego Costa has been given a six-month jail sentence and a €543,208 fine for tax fraud. But he will not serve jail time under Spanish law because of the huge fine he will pay as interest.

“Diego Costa reached an agreement with the prosecutor a few months ago and has already paid the relevant fine plus interest, and the request for a jail sentence was withdrawn,” an Atletico spokesman told Reuters on Wednesday. “An agreement is expected to be ratified at court this week, as is mandatory.”

On Thursday morning, Costa pleaded guilty in a Madrid court to evade €1.1 million in taxes on his image rights.

Not only did Costa pay the huge amount in full last year, but he will also pay the €543,208 penalty. His jail sentence was replaced with an additional fine, as it is customary in Spain for jail terms of less than two years.


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