DFB President Fritz Keller Suggests Salary Cuts for Footballers


Fritz Keller, the president of the German Football Association (DFB), called to limit the salaries of footballers at an extraordinary virtual session of the DFB.

The German Bundesliga was closed for more than two months due to the coronavirus crisis, before becoming the first major football league to resume competition last week.

The DFB also approved the restart of the third league on May 30. The season will end on July 4, despite opposition from some members who have called for an end to the season.

“We need to bring professional football to people, into their everyday world. So, we need an improved financial control system and, yes, a salary cap,” the DFB president pointed out.

“Agent commissions and huge transfers irritate society and distract them from our beloved sport. Football must offer satisfactory answers to these questions. We need not only new rules, but also a new attitude,” Keller added.

Germany reported about 178,570 positive cases of coronavirus, while the death toll rose to 8,257 on Monday.

Keller said football should be thought about in the long run: “Football needs to learn long-term lessons from this crisis, with better financial control and limited player salaries, in order to retain fans.”

Keller said, “We have to learn from our mistakes, because the crisis is an opportunity to restructure football.”


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