Deeney Claims There Will Be No Integrity Left If Liverpool Win Premier League Season


Watford striker Troy Deeney has said he’s sorry about Liverpool because even if they win this term in the Premier League, the coronavirus pandemic will “spoil” them.

The Reds had a 25-point over Manchester City and were just two wins away from a championship in the Premier League before the competition was shut down in March owing to Covid-19 break.

Deeney has said that any outcome on Liverpool is unfair, which in 30 years is more than worthy of their first English title.

“I think it’s gone anyway while talking about integrity of this season.” Deeney told CNN. “And I’m sad about Liverpool and their stars and Jordan [Henderson], but there’s no way you should tell in terms of honesty that this is a fair rivalry. It’s about doing a race, 20 odd miles, sitting for two months, and sprinting for the last bit and going: ‘Yeah, that’s a good one.’”

“I’m sad about Liverpool and they deserve to win the title no matter how it turns out. They deserve to get the trophy,” he said. However he also added:

“But no matter if it turns out, and though we’re playing all the games, it’s anyway going to be the year ruined by the pandemic. That’s not going to be the year when Liverpool dominated the league as the strongest team because, you know, it’s 30 years that they haven’t won yet.”


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