Clubs of English Football League Will Meet to Plan the End of the Coronavirus Season


During a conference on Wednesday the EFL board “unanimously” decided on a framework, so now clubs need to accept it.

Indeed, English Football League clubs are scheduled to meet on June 8, as the league aims to rubber-stamp proposals on how to end a coronavirus season early, writes BBC.

On 21 May, the revised structure was rolled out including the necessary promotion, relegation, and play-offs.

Clubs were given time to resume submitting any alternative proposals for how the framework might work until next Tuesday.

Unweighted points-per-game will actually determine final league placing in all three divisions before the corresponding seasons can be completed.

51 per cent majority of Championship, League One and League Two clubs are required to approve the campaign curtailment in each division.

League Two teams have already confirmed that they intend to finish the season, but League One sides remain uncertain.

Championship clubs whose members returned to Monday’s training expect to restart their campaign in June.

The National League, meanwhile, must expect an EFL decision about how to end the League Two campaign before settling on their next moves.


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