Chiellini Says Those Who Equate Kean to Balotelli Are Wrong


Having criticised Brescia forward Mario Balotelli earlier in his autobiography, Juventus captain Giorgio Chiellini then went on to say that Everton striker Moise Kean was nothing like the former guy of Inter and Manchester City.

“Balotelli has just the shot. There are some who still equate him to Moise Kean, a child who appears rebellious and unmanageable but is totally different from Mario.” wrote Chiellini in Io, Giorgio.

Chiellini maintained that Kean was “absolutely different” from Balotelli. Balotelli, from Chiellini’s time in training with him, had his redeemable qualities:

“Of course, he was punished several times in Juventus youth, but he still showed himself very polite towards the community when he appeared in the first team.”

“Often he doesn’t notice the warning and is late, but it’s habits that can be modified without problem.”


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