Chiellini Calls the Move to Milan by Leonardo Bonucci in 2017 as Illogical


In his autobiography, Io, Giorgio, Juventus defender Giorgio Chiellini has talked scandalously about many players, including Leonardo Bonucci. Particularly, his move to Milan has been explored in its intricate details.

As Corriere dello Sport reports, he wrote: “His year in Milan was special, a decision definitely incorrect because he didn’t have harmony with himself, and not in a logical manner.”

Thus, Chiellini claims that it was illogical for Bonucci to join Milan in 2017:

“For a thousand causes, Leo was shaken. I was sad that in the weeks that we were not seeing each other, something occurs.

“I might understand if he goes to Real Madrid but to that Milan? Luckily, fate managed to have things back in place.”

Chiellini added: “I talked with Leo because something was already established… something from start to finish without meaning.

“I am confident I might have helped him care about leaving if that had occurred at any moment. Like Antonio Conte they always leave in that July 2014 when I’m not there.”

Bonucci played 34 games for Juve this season in all competitions, which was suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic.


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