Chiellini Apologizes to Balotelli for Slandering Him in New Autobiography


In his forthcoming autobiography ‘lo, Giorgio’, Giorgio Chiellini criticized Mario Balotelli, claiming that he “deserved a slap” for his actions during the 2013 Confederations Cup campaign in Italy.

The captain of Juventus has since apologised to the Brescia player for hardly criticising the striker in his autobiography, noting that he “made a mistake.”

Chiellini claimed in his novel that “Balotelli is a negative guy who doesn’t support the squad.”

Balotelli did not take the attack lying down, speaking out on Instagram against Chiellini.

“At least, I have the courage and sincerity to say things face to face,” he wrote on his Instagram story. “Since 2013, you have had plenty of chances to behave like a real man but you haven’t.”

But now, the duo has buried the hatchet, when both featured on Tuesday’s Italian TV show Le Iene.

The show’s crew first presented a signed Balotelli jersey with the inscription to Chiellini: “Even though you stabbed me in the back unexpectedly, I still love you man.”

Chiellini too, said he would be more than pleased if the two ended up as team-mates on Italy’s team for next summer’s Euro.

The pair was then linked via video chat and Balotelli began with a joke.

The defender of Juventus went on to claim that he thought he had to bring some critique into his text, having previously labeled former team-mate Felipe Melo “the worst of the worst” and “a bad apple.”

Nevertheless, the centre-back acknowledged that he had gone too far in his remarks regarding Balotelli.

“I made a mistake, so I learned from it and will continue to benefit every day about my mistakes,” said the 35-year-old.


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