Chiellini Admires Suarez’s Mischief for Biting Him during the 2014 World Cup


Giorgio Chiellini released their autobiography this month wherein wrote about Luis Suarez, an international Uruguay: ‘I really admire him. I, too, am the son of a b***h on the field and proud of it.’

The Juventus and Italy defender covered a number of subjects throughout his career, including the infamous bite during the 2014 World Cup say Football Italia:

“Nothing strange happened that day in the 2014 World Cup. I marked Edinson Cavani for most of the game, another complicated guy to keep up with, and we held nothing back.

“Suddenly, I realised I’d been bitten on the shoulder. It happened, that’s all there is to it, but that is his strategy when fighting with body-to-body contact and, if I may say, it’s mine too.”

“The truth is, I admire his mischief because if Suarez were to lose that, he would become an average player,” wrote Chiellini.

“Suarez and I are similar and I like facing strikers like him. I called him a couple of days after the game, but he had no need to apologise to me. I too am a son of a b***h on the field and proud of it,” he said. “Mischief and a little bit of malice are part of the game, I wouldn’t call that cheating. You need to be intelligent to overcome your rival.”


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