Chief Medic Pulcini Says Isolating Healthy People is Unethical


In the case of a successful COVID-19 test, debates proceed about the mandatory two-week quarantine for the whole team. The Technical Scientific Committee (CTS) even advised that there will be no reduction to the seven days meant for isolation.

However, Lazio chief medic Dr Ivo Pulcini reiterates his opposition to the medical protocol.

“The CTS has to take responsibility because they are not considering the status of the epidemiological curve at this moment,” Pulcini told Radio Kiss Kiss. “The athletes are given the same legal protection and rights as any other employee, so contagion would be compared to an injury. Putting 50 people under quarantine for one positive case is against the code of ethics.”

He added:

“I will do everything in my power to put my views across and I will not quarantine a perfectly healthy person. If they force me to do it and then ask me to take responsibility for it as well, then I won’t stand for that.

“A healthy person must be considered healthy and not automatically ill. If I were to do something like that, I could be struck off from the medical profession.”


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