Champions League Final Matches to Be Moved from Turkey to Germany?


A reduced version of the Champions League has long been debated with a Final Four in Istanbul, Turkey.

Indeed, UEFA is currently sticking to the Champions League’s Final Four theory but could shift the position from Turkey to Germany.

On August 7 and 8, the UEFA wants to restart the Champions League with the absent return legs of the last 16.

In the quarter-finals on August 13 and 14, Barcelona-Napoli and Juventus-Lyon are among the matches to be concluded before the competition continues with a one-legged knockout round.

The Coppa Italia return on June 13 and 14 and the final will take place three days after this. Series A has also set the dates for a restart, proposing to continue with the remaining games in on June 20.

Sky Sport Italia says that the last four could be carried out in Germany, where the Bundesliga resumed mid-May.


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