Champions League Final Eight to End on 22 August in Portugal


UEFA and the ECA are officially thinking of a Champions League Plan B, a Final Eight competition in Portugal that will end on 22 August.

Istanbul was due to host the final of the Champions League but security concerns could see it being moved.

Since Portugal was largely untouched by COVID-19, Mundo Deportivo suggests this nation and specifically, Lisbon, as the perfect host.

Germany had been listed as a possible host as well, but Portugal would circumvent a lot of problems.

After hosting Euro 2004, their stadiums are still very new, although there would be no home advantage because all the Portuguese clubs have already been excluded from the Champions League.

According to Mundo Deportivo, the Executive Committee of UEFA and the Association of European Clubs, whose president is Juventus leader Andrea Agnelli, are considering a Plan B.

Now, the plan is to finish the tournament in its normal format by completing the Round of 16 ties which are still halfway through, then the remaining home and away fixtures. It will run from August 4 to 29, approximately.

It will be a way to condense the matches into a Final Eight contest, made up of one-off games decided in extra time or after penalties on the night.

Not only would it encourage the clubs to reduce the number of games but it would also decrease travel during the pandemic.


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