Ceferin Ecstatic That German Government Decided to Restart Bundesliga


The Bundesliga will be Europe’s first major league to restart after the coronavirus pandemic when matches begin again on May 16.

While many are on the fence about this decision approved by the German state personnel (including Angela Markel), UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin could not be more welcoming of the news.

“It is great news that the German authorities have agreed that the Bundesliga can return,” Ceferin said according to MARCA. “This is a huge and positive step in bringing optimism back to people’s lives.”

He praises the work that has been undertaken in Germany to get the Bundesliga ready to return to play: “It is the result of constructive dialogue and careful planning between the football authorities and politicians and I am confident that Germany will provide a shining example to all of us in how to bring football – with all its excitement, emotion and unpredictability – back into our lives. I wish everyone connected with this every success.”


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