Carrick Claims There Is Confusion Regarding Transfers This Summer Due to Coronavirus


Manchester United is in the shadows, says first-team coach Michael Carrick, when it comes to expiring contracts and possible transfer deals.

Asked by United’s official website about the current situation, former midfielder Carrick said: “Honestly, I’m not sure how that will work. I don’t think it’s sorted out.

“For example, the contracts, how do they work? Players’ contracts are up at any club; how can you select players? I don’t think it’s sorted out. It’s not something I’m directly active in but we don’t even know when we’re going back to the training yet officially.”

The coronavirus pandemic has create chaos for clubs around the globe, with schedules broken apart during an imposed lockout time. Carrick says:

“It’s too far more on the road to prepare, and it’s a difficult one. Then you’ll start thinking about: how much money would be left to register players in the game? Not from us especially, but from all the clubs, and how will it influence the whole transfer circus?”

Competitive action is beginning to ease itself, with the Bundesliga set to return in Germany, but the Premier League has not received any green light in England.

Carrick added: “In and among the players and the staff, and in the club, there is certainly a really good feeling.”


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