Capello Feels It Is Unfair to Blame Gasperini for Risking Public Safety


Fabio Capello said that Gian Piero Gasperini had ‘done nothing wrong’ and felt that the uproar surrounding the Atalanta coach was ‘exaggerated’.

Atalanta coach Gasperini confessed the day before La Dea’s Champions League meeting with Valencia on March 10 that he had felt unwell.

He has since been accused of putting people at risk’ but Capello defended the Orobici coach.

“I believe that Gasp didn’t do anything wrong. Maybe at the time, he thought he had simple flu. In the end, only a few days ago, he found out he had coronavirus,” Capello told Il Giornale.

The former coach of Milan, Roma and Juventus was delighted to hear about the resumption of football in Italy and suggested that the players would have to ‘sacrifice’ for once and go to a retreat to support Serie A with the end of the 2019-20 campaign:

“For once, if you ask the players to sacrifice at a particular moment, I don’t think there would be anything wrong in that.

“I have always been in favour of resuming the championship. I said I wanted to resume to have an honest and precise table and not only for the tournament itself but because there are so many economic interests at stake, that in this moment of crisis can be very important.”

“There’s talk of a period when symptoms were not well known,” he added about the Gasperini’s late discovery of being positive for the virus. “I don’t think the controversy makes sense. It all seems exaggerated to me. If we then think about what many states have done before closing everything…”


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