Capello Believes Lautaro Would Shine at Inter but Be Benched at Barcelona


 “If it were me I would remain at Inter.” Ex-Real Madrid manager Fabio Capello told La Gazzetta dello Sport, suggesting that striker Lautaro Martinez should refuse from transfer to Barcelona and remain at Inter. “At Barcelona he’d be on the bench.”

He added, “COVID-19 is likely to hit the transfer market, however, with prices going to fall significantly as a result. The market is going to be completely changed. Absurd numbers have been seen, but now we are going to return to a more realistic level. I think that the only team in Spain that will not be affected by the pandemic is Real Madrid. Barcelona and Atletico Madrid will lose a lot.”

The Argentinean player is a priority for the Catalans and he himself is open to the switch, but the former Real Madrid manager feels it’s better for him to remain in Milan.


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