Camavinga Is Not Leaving Rennes for Real Madrid


Eduardo Camavinga insists he is in no rush to leave Rennes for Real Madrid.

with the 17-year-old midfielder being linked this summer to several of the world’s largest clubs, Real Madrid is one of the teams linked the closest to the teenager.

Camavinga helped Rennes end third in the shortened season of the Ligue 1 and qualify for the Champions League 2020-21. He said to Ouest-France about the highs and lows of football, “I get on social networks easily, and I see content or friends sending me posts. Once in the League Cup at Amiens, an opponent said to me: ‘We have to exchange our shirts before you go to Real Madrid.’ But I really didn’t want to joke, we’d just been eliminated.”

Nevertheless, given the interest from top European sides, Camavinga is confident and concentrated on maintaining his best efforts for the French team.

He said: “Honestly, I’m not concentrating too much on that. Obviously, it’s good that major clubs like the ones listed are interested in me, but on the other hand, I’m not too interested in that. I’m doing well at Rennes. We’ll see what’s going to happen next, I’ll let my parents and my agents handle this. I can’t prevent it, in truth.”

There have still been several rumours in France that Rennes offered to sell Camavinga halfway through the season with a condition that should they qualified for the Champions League they may retain him for another year, but the player himself claims he has no idea about such a contract.

He said: “Everything about negotiations and discussions during the season is really not my business. I focus exclusively on football when the season starts, I let my agents and my parents settle everything else and then we talk again at the end of the season, if necessary. But, frankly, if such an important agreement had been reached in the middle of the season, I would know. My future, we’ll see at season’s end.”


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