Bundesliga Starts May 9, but Not Like You Expect


The Bundesliga will continue on May 9 without the presence of spectators with a maximum of 300 people in the stadium, according to Der Spiegel magazine. There are planned arrangements for organizing a duel despite the pandemic of the coronavirus.

New rules apply to the duel, however. So, what is all forbidden?

Der Spiegel claims access to a 41-page document drafted by the German Football Association in collaboration with the health authorities, which contains rules that must allow German football to return to the field from May 9, of course without the audience in the stadiums.

This security protocol also disallows common outing on the field, children accompanying players on the field, and mascot clubs.

Handshakes and group photos have been abolished and media coverage of the matches will also be tightly controlled, with a limited number of news outlets. The hotels where the clubs are staying will be subject to strict health rules.

In Germany, championships were halted on 13 March. Bayern are first in the standings with four points higher than second-ranked Borussia.



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