Bundesliga Says Clubs Were Tested for Coronavirus with 14 in the Clear and 3 Waiting for Results


It was announced on Sunday night that 14 Bundesliga teams had no positive cases for coronavirus.

Furthermore, the results from three clubs were yet to arrive. The three clubs were Augsburg, Borussia Mönchengladbach and Leipzig, German media reported.

Only Cologne has three infected, two players and a physical therapist.

In preparation for the Bundesliga competition, clubs were tested for coronavirus.

The Bundesliga has been on hiatus since March 13, with nine rounds remaining. Bundesliga clubs are currently allowed training in smaller groups and without contact, and the competition could be resumed at the earliest on May 16, if footballers get the “green light” from politicians.

Chancellor Angela Merkel has announced that a decision to resume the championship will be made on Wednesday, May 6.

The German Football League (DFL) has drawn up a special health protocol that all clubs and players should adhere to in the event of a Bundesliga resumption.


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