Bergomi Says Pogba is a Prime Transfer Target and Inter Must Sign Him


“If you can get him, you must do it immediately,” former Inter legend Giuseppe Bergomi has told La Gazzetta dello Sport about midfielder Paul Pogba, persuaded that Inter will go for the 27-year-old Frenchman.

Bergomi, in we of Pogba, says “He must not adapt and will leave a mark instantly. Beyond his technological abilities, he will already be strong in Serie A with the shape he has. There are only a few people around like him.”

The former Juventus star is linked to a step away from Manchester United and Bergomi has suggested that Inter will attempt to get to the Giuseppe Meazza.

“They ought to do so quickly because of economic power to go and get him,” Bergomi said. “It’s possible that in recent seasons he hasn’t been at his peak, but he’d be heading back to a sport he is good at.”

The retired goalkeeper is confident that Antonio Conte will be the perfect one to put the champion of the World Cup back to his old heights: “Conte may, like in the past, put out the best of him. It will be a win for Inter to support them fight directly, but I believe they would have to lose something.”

He also admired up-and-coming star Tonali. “While they are trying to develop anything long-term, I remain persuaded of the concept of investing in players like Tonali or Locatelli.”


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