Benayoun Praises Klopp for Improving Liverpool


Yossi Benayoun has praised Jurgen Klopp to restore the glory days at Liverpool, after a disappointing time of mediocrity.

“I’m happy to see it, it’s great to see where Liverpool is right now.” the retired midfielder from Liverpool told the official website of the club. “They play beautiful football from what I see. The most remarkable aspect is that you like they’re a squad – everyone understands what they’re doing on the field, you don’t get one or two major stars because they’re all on. The team is one entity. They are playing together.”

There have been “huge change” at the club. He attributes it all to Klopp’s leadership: “Big credit for the boss, Jurgen Klopp, of course. I guess the major change from years ago is this. I enjoy seeing them. Hopefully they’ll keep working like this and making us happy.”


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