Begovic Likes His Position at Milan and Wants to Stay


Asmir Begovic will accept the chance to live for another year at Milan as he takes pride in his position as an elder statesman.

“I have no doubts about playing in the right place, as long as it is finished. We trust the club and the administrators, and no one can bring us in the way of damage,” he told Sky Sports.

Begovic joined as a substitute for Pepe Reina on loan from Bournemouth in January but his transfer to Milan was plagued by the coronavirus pandemic.

“I wasn’t there so I don’t want to comment too much,” he said, when asked about the Hertha Berlin striker Salomon Kalou after he flouted COVID-19. “But, we have to be careful, of course. If someone wishes to return to playing football, we need to do it the correct way. People here are extremely supportive to the rules so we’ll be no different.”

He added, “I lost out on games. I enjoy gambling. Within the next couple of days we have safety assessments and then we will then continue practicing-in small groups or independently.”

According to the British broadcaster, San Siro’s goalkeeper is happy and especially enjoys his partnership with veteran fellow Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

“We set up a good relationship. We’re a couple of the older guys on the squad so in terms of families and kids and things we can talk to each other.”


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