Barone Talks about How the Coronavirus Pandemic Will Completely Revolutionize the Market


Fiorentina CEO Joe Barone expects a new transfer market, full of loans and swap deals, after the coronavirus crisis has been overcome and the economy restarts.

“Because of this crisis, we will have a completely different market. There will certainly be more loans and many exchanges of players,” the Viola director said to

He talked about Italy’s upcoming transfer market and a proposed salary cap, as in America:

“The introduction of a salary cap has been present in America for some time and our President [Rocco Commisso] has been talking about it.

“To see it in Europe too, FIFA must make a decision. It must be the same rules for all and not different for each League.”

He worries that due to the pandemic, the smaller clubs will be significantly affected, which could lead to a decline in their star players’ value:

“We will have to be careful because the players’ value might go down in this period. The smaller clubs will experience moments of great difficulty in this period and we must help the system, not exploit it.”


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