Barcelona Suffers Net Total of 220 Million Euros in Losses


Barcelona faces a daunting task of balancing its accounts by the end of June following the effect of COVID-19.

The Catalans have carried out a report on the effect that the epidemic has had on the club’s profits and are reported to have lost some 150 million euros. However, if all their revenue sources are accumulated, this season they stand to lose as much as 220 million euros, with the expectation of losing 70 million euros more in the player revenue sector.

La Vanguardia had initially estimated the figure at 154 million euros, taking into account the loss of ticket sales from Camp Nou, the closing of official shops and museums, as well as the suspension of the operations of club academies around the world.

The Board is working hard to reduce this effect, but added to their possible losses there’s the TV money. From TV broadcasts, at least, if the remaining La Liga Santander games are played, Barcelona will recover around 20 to 25 million euros.

Then, a vital revenue stream for Barcelona would be through the success of the Champions League, which would further strengthen the club’s coffers.

Even all these measures combined might not be enough to balance Barca’s accounts, however. This is because the player revenue sector, which was valued at 124 million euros, still needs approximately 70 million euros to balance the accounts.

Some of the ways that Barcelona has tried to minimize this amount is through the ERTE system, both for players and club staff. Barcelona aims to eliminate the deficit from players like Nelson Semedo, Arturo Vidal and Jean-Clair Todibo, among others.

It is estimated that the club would save between 40 million euros and 50 million euros this way.

The pandemic has stopped soccer to a standstill, which has resulted in a significant reduction in revenue for all teams, including Blaugrana.


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