Barcelona Chooses Health of Players over Return to Football


Barcelona has defended its players’ rights to return, or not, to football during the crisis of coronavirus. Despite pressure, the club will put the health of its players first and take steps to ensure that they will only play if they get the go-ahead from the health authorities.

The club is looking at what would happen if they weren’t back to action. One of the measures that the club is looking at isn’t forcing any player back to play.

The club will allow players not to play if there is no 100 per cent assurance that they will not get coronavirus. In this decision, Barca aren’t going against anyone, just trying to make sure their players get the best.

Barca aren’t sure of the protocols they were sent. Their medics say the risk is still high. They know that their stance could lead to a serious economic problem that could see them losing out on TV rights. This week the Catalans are going to look into this issue and take some decisions. At some point in the coming days the board is likely to make a call on it.

Six other First Division clubs are pursuing their decision, waiting to see what happens. The other clubs will do so, too, if they announce their stance.

SPORT learned that the posture of Barca is something La Liga does not like, but they do understand the concerns of the club.




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