Balotelli Worried No Training during Lockdown Might Result in Him Losing His Touch


Mario Balotelli admits that he did not cope very well with the lockout, mostly because he can’t cook- ‘I was simply eating carton for the first three days.’ He also voiced his fear about resuming football training after not playing at all for the two months of the lockdown.

“It’s impossible to train properly if you don’t have a running machine, so even though it wasn’t really allowed, I went to the park near me to do a little running,” the SuperMario told former teammate Alessandro Matri during an Instagram Live chat. “If you pass me the ball now, I am not able to get it under control with a first touch. It’s been two months since I touched the ball.”

The worst part of the lockout turned out to be Balotelli’s own failure to cook:

“I was going crazy the last couple of weeks, because I was totally alone. My daughter is in Naples, my son is in Zurich, my mother is of a certain age and needs to be protected, my brothers are in quarantine with their children, so I was left by myself. It was tough.

“I was basically eating cardboard and trying to bite chunks out of the wall for the first three days, as I can’t cook anything. Fortunately, I then managed to get food delivered.”

Brescia and the other side of Serie A will begin community training on May 18, with a proposal to restart fixtures on June 13 following the Italian coronavirus pandemic.


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