Balotelli Skips Training Again amidst Threats of Oncoming Legal Battle


Brescia striker Mario Balotelli once again missed training, despite rumours that there is a legal battle on the horizon.

Because Balotelli has two years remaining on his contract, it is void at the end of this season if the Rondinelle is relegated to Serie B.

It’s thus said that while Cellino wants an early end, ‘SuperMario’ himself wants to see the remainder of his contract out.

Therefore, all three media outlets warn that the situation could get messy and end up in court if it means Brescia ridding itself of the former hitman Inter and Milan.

On top of that, the 29-year-old missed last week’s training without a legitimate reason, causing owner Massimo Cellino to speak out about his disappointment at signing him.

ANSA, and Tuttomercatoweb all say that Balotelli was then absent from the training ground at Brescia in Torbole this morning also, and that too, without permission.

Balotelli then showed up for training on Monday and could still be showing his face this evening at 18:00 BST, when he’s scheduled an individual session.


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