Arsene Wenger Warns against Foreign Investors Only Looking to Make Quick Money


Arsene Wenger has warned against the risks of clubs being marketed to overseas owners, like major French teams, claiming that others don’t have the club’s best interests at heart.

“I think we are witnessing a reverse phenomenon today unfortunately,” he said. “Take French Clubs for example. They gradually fall into the hands of people who are not real builders for the club’s future, but rather investors who want to earn money quickly.”

According to BeIN Sports, Wenger is of the opinion that selling clubs to wealthy foreigners would not automatically ensure prosperity, and may also be against the best interests of teams in the Ligue 1:

“So, we can see in France today that at this stage there are several issues, so the clubs are disappointed. Supporters believe the primary goal is not to create a strong team but to allow financial benefit.”


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