Andres Iniesta Talks to Two Children Born During Increase in Birth Level after His Iconic Champions League Goal


Andres Iniesta’s legendary goal in the Champions League semi-finals has Barcelona fans in a frenzy ten years ago. But the goal had other effects on the Barca community that not everyone expected.

The former Spain midfielder netted a goal that became the Champions League semi-final winner for Barcelona against Chelsea 11 years ago. After a pass from Lionel Messi, Iniesta fired in the top corner from the edge of the box.

Netting this goal just two minutes from the end of Stamford Bridge’s second leg match, he secured a 1-1 draw on the night for the La Liga team. Because of this, they came out with a higher total than Chelsea and went on to the finals.

The game-changing goal sparked wild celebrations among Barcelona fans as they entered the 2009 Champions League final in Rome, where they beat another side of the Premier League, that is, Manchester United.

The continued celebrations in the Spanish capital were so momentous, that nine months later Barcelona maternity hospitals reported having to deal with an increase in birth levels.

Iniesta, who now plays for Japanese side Vissel Kobe, recognised his role in helping to raise the community by talking with two children who were born in January 2010.

He shared a video on Monday on his Twitter account, dedicating anniversary of the second leg battle with Chelsea. He talked to two kids to wish them a happy birthday, since they were probably born due to this goal.

Iniesta, 35, talked with the Josep Enric born on 29 January. His father, Josep Salvat, explained that his family had connected the birth of his son with the target of the midfielder.

He said: “My older brother is a huge fan of the Barca, football is like a faith to him. He was the one who went and looked at the calendar and did the estimates. I remember how much we enjoyed the game, all was lost but your game brought us great joy.”

The midfielder talked to Ignacio, who was born on January 18, and asked: “Has your mother shown you the goal?”

“Yeah, what a play,” the 10-year-old replied.

His mother, Andrea Barri, admitted that she had discovered that she was pregnant with Ignacio before flying out against United to the final.


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