Aliadiere Says Guendouzi Has Grown as a Player at Arsenal but Not as a Person


Jeremie Aliadiere warns Matteo Guendouzi that he risks throwing away his Arsenal career if he doesn’t “grow up” as a personality.

“He’s grown up as a player, he’s massively matured as a player and he gets better every year. Yet he has sadly not developed and progressed as much as I figured he might by joining Arsenal, as an individual,” Aliadiere said to Goal.

“Look, I’m the guy’s big fan,” he continued. “He is like my little brother and I always told him that for his growth as a player and as a human being, Arsenal will be a really successful team. He followed my suggestion, and came to the club, but I believe that Matteo has not yet developed up as a person.”

“I think he’s missing that, and that’s why he’s not playing as much under Mikel Arteta because Mikel isn’t really up for that,” Aliadiere remarked on why Guendouzi may be on thin ice with Arsenal. “He needs people who can do a job with the manager to accept what they are telling him to do. If they’re not happy to do that, then someone else’s going to do it for him.”


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