Alex Song Was Happy Signing Barcelona despite Limited Play Time Because of the Money


Alex Song has reported that Barcelona’s lucrative contract compelled him to switch to the team, despite the Liga giants earning him that he wouldn’t see much game time.

The Cameroonian “didn’t give a sh*t” as long as the salary incentive had been agreed upon. The defensive midfielder made a surprise switch to Catalunya after six years in north London based on this boost in the money.

Barca put aside £ 15 million ($18 million) as a transfer fee, and Song was excited with the salary increase he’d be getting in new surroundings.

This persuaded him to leave Arsenal, despite the fact that he faced tough competition in Spain.

Nevertheless, during his time in Spain, he also helped to win a Liga title and a Spanish Super Cup. He took on 65 appearances for the Blaugrana in only a few starts.

“Once FC Barcelona offered me a deal, and I saw how much I would receive, I didn’t think about it twice.” Song told Toronto Raptors professional basketball player Pascal Siakam in a live Instagram chat. “I thought I should have a comfortable life for my wife and children. I met the sporting director and he said I wouldn’t play many games, but I didn’t give a sh*t. I knew I was going to be a millionaire.”

In the end, Song made 215 Arsenal appearances, scoring 10 times, and returned back to West Ham and to English football because of his problems at Barca.


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