Ajax and AZ are Both Champions?


When the football championship in Europe was suspended on 15 March, Ajax and AZ were tied at the top of the charts. Now, it appears, there is a possible precedent for the title of champion to be given to both Ajax and AZ.

Recently, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced that football activities in the country were banned until September 1, meaning that this season would not be over. The Dutch, like most European countries, suspended the championship on 15 March. The original ban on sports due to the coronavirus pandemic lasted until June 1, but was extended yesterday.

On Friday, the leaders of the Football Association of the Netherlands will meet with UEFA, with the local media writing about four possible scenarios. The first is to try to persuade the authorities to play matches without spectators, the second is to cancel the season, the third is to declare Ajax the champion, and there is a possible precedent for the title to be given to both Ajax and AZ.

Interestingly, AZ has celebrated in both this season’s clashes, but in the Netherlands, the goal-first difference is when the clubs have the same number of points. Ajax, the Amsterdam giant, has a better goal-difference.

The Netherlands did not have a single champion trip in 1945 because of World War II. Then the championship was not even started. Earlier, the Belgians decided to end the season and declare Club Brugge the champion, however, they changed the decision after talking with UEFA and will wait for the decision to finish or continue the championship.




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