AIC President Tommasi Needs More Data before Starting the Season


AIC President Damiano Tommasi demanded ‘uniform conditions for all’ and disclosed ‘important issues’ in the initial protocol.

“We met to analyse the protocol and understand what the news is,” the Players’ Union chief told RaiNews. “There are certain critical issues that the clubs themselves have highlighted. We hope to find a way to overcome them and start again. Not having a certain date for the start of the season generates uncertainty for everyone.”

The former Hellas Verona and Roma players say that some of the points in the health protocol for the resumption of training and that matching require more focus and precision:

“We would like to have more data and indications. The retreat, given the management of positive cases that risk blocking entire teams, is one of the unresolved points.

“It’s objectively a big question mark. One positive test could interrupt the path and we must understand what to do in this case.

“We are in contact with Dr. [Gianni] Nanni, indicated by the Lega as the referent. It’s important to be aligned in the same position, there must be uniform conditions for everyone.”

He underlined the importance of getting these protocols for the return of football just right: “This is one of the obstacles to overcome, but it’s not a theme that concerns only the world of football.”


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