Aguirre Says the Primera Should End before August


The Spanish football season should be completed by the end of July, said Spanish Leganes coach Javier Aguirre.

In other words, the season will start again on June 20 after being interrupted due to the coronavirus pandemic in March. Bundesliga announced on Thursday that it will resume the championship on May 16 and is the first of the five leading European football leagues to do so. Similarly, Spaniards’ football is also stepping up its game.

Spanish clubs from the first two leagues conducted mandatory testing of their footballers on Wednesday and many clubs, including leading Barcelona and Leganes, 19th in the standings, are due to start training on Friday.

“Now we have a start date for La Liga, we start on June 20 and we will officially finish it on July 26. We will play 11 rounds on Saturdays, Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays,” Aguirre told for Mexican website Marca Claro.

“La Liga has just officially informed me and I am very happy because we now have a schedule for our training program,” he said.

La Liga has not commented on the news although it announced earlier this week that it is considering re-launching the competition sometime in June after the clubs complete the four-phase protocol.


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