Abete Not Too Keen on Series A Being Finished with Playoffs


UEFA Vice-President Giancarlo Abete would be in favour of Series A play-offs as a last resort, but ‘it would not be the end of the world’ if the Scudetto simply wasn’t assigned at all.

“We are well aware of the difficulties involved in restarting, but we must try, as with every area of the country’s industry,” Abete told Radio Kiss Kiss.

“I don’t like the idea of play-offs for Serie A and it wouldn’t be the end of the world if the Scudetto simply wasn’t assigned to anyone this year.

“If it became absolutely necessary, then the play-offs could be a valid alternative.”

There is also the question of a Plan B among the things being debated in the event that the fixtures cannot be completed.

Negotiations to resume the Serie A season following the COVID-19 pandemic are taking a crucial turn today, with a decision expected tonight:

“At times, the costs and damage of resuming make them worse than staying still, but we hope that some positive news comes from the Government today.”


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